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HWELTE - World War II aviation book on Russian women fighter pilots

“Pulse-pounding aerial combat sequences... ”

In Roy McShane's third installment of his HWELTE trilogy, it is 1979 and his protagonist, quarter-Navajo Chuck Hewitt, is a 59-year-old captain flying for TWA, who’s currently on loan to SAUDIA (Saudi Arabian Airlines) to evaluate the Russian TU-144D Supersonic Transport at the Paris Air Show.  He spots a Soviet demonstration-pilot climbing out of a MiG-25 fighter, discovering the pilot is a beautiful 26-year-old woman who uncannily resembles his old flame from World War II: a female Russian fighter pilot who saved his life at Stalingrad!

The next day Chuck begins the flight evaluation of the Soviet SST from Paris to Cairo, under the supervision of an Aeroflot crew, when the Russian first officer arrives to assist Chuck, and he finds himself face-to-face with the same female MiG-25 pilot he saw yesterday!  Up close she’s even more like the woman pilot he fell in love with at Stalingrad so long ago.

Chuck doesn't realize that he's meeting his Russian daughter for the very first time!


“Pulse-pounding aerial combat sequences … sharply contrasting with a sensitive, moving love story.”

-The San Francisco Times

“McShane’s powerful writing explores the savage face of war with taught, chilling realism, while concurrently describing a remarkable story of love, loss and rediscovery … brilliant storytelling.”

-Miami Today

“Once you start this book, plan on some late nights, it’s that hard to put down … spellbinding.”

-The Village Voice

“Despite the crushing reality of war, McShane’s characters deliver courage, survival and hope in the most extraordinarily surprising manner … hard-hitting and wrenching!”

-Houston Chronicle

“A fascinating and unusual love affair surrounded by the fast-paced world of aviation … sporting an array of twists and surprises that sucks the reader right in.”

-The Advocate

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HWELTE - World War II aviation book on Russian women fighter pilots

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HWELTE - Soviet Female Fighter Pilots
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